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How Much Stone Do I Need?



How Much Stone Do I Need?

Just follow these easy steps to figure the quantity of NevilStone needed:

1. Measure the base and height of the surface to be covered and convert to square footage. (base x height = square footage).

2. Determine the square footage of doors, windows and openings. Deduct this amount from the first figure (total sq. footage – doors, windows and openings). See illustration.

3. Determine the linear footage of cornerpieces you’ll need. Measure the linear feet of outside 90° corner pieces. One linear foot of corners will cover approximately 1/2 square foot of flat area – i.e., 40 linear feet of corners=20 square feet of flat area. Subtract this flat area amount from the total footage to determine how much total stone needed. You should allow an extra 10% additional stone for cutting, trimming, and waste. Stone coverage is based on a 3/4” mortar joint on all stone styles.

*For estimating purposes you can figure mortarless joint applications will require 10–15% more stone than a standard grouted installation. Mortarless joint applications will also need to be installed by following special installation procedures.