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How Much Stone Do I Need?



How Much Stone Do I Need?

Just follow these easy steps to figure the quantity of NevilStone needed:

1. Measure the base and height of the surface to be covered and convert to square footage. (base x height = square footage).

2. Determine the square footage of doors, windows and openings. Deduct this amount from the first figure (total sq. footage – doors, windows and openings). See illustration.

3. Determine the linear footage of cornerpieces you’ll need. Measure the linear feet of outside 90° corner pieces. One linear foot of corners will cover approximately 1/2 square foot of flat area – i.e., 40 linear feet of corners=20 square feet of flat area. Subtract this flat area amount from the total footage to determine how much total stone needed. You should allow an extra 10% additional stone for cutting, trimming, and waste. Stone coverage is based on a 3/4” mortar joint on all stone styles.

Mortarless Joint (Dry Stack) Applications 
Stone coverage is based on a 3/4" mortar joint on all stone styles. For estimating purposes you can figure mortarless joint (Dry Stack) applications will require 20–30% more stone than a standard grouted installation, depending on the stone style used.  Mortarless joint applications will also need to be installed by following special installation procedures. In mortarless joint applications where no mortar joints are used, use a bonding agent in the mortar mix and seal the finished project with a breathable, non-film-forming sealer. Note: you do not need to purchase additional stone when using Rustic Quick Stack stone.