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International Building Code (IBC) Compliance (PDF)

Texas Department of Insurance [TDI] Compliance
International Residential Code [IRC] Compliance and
International Building Code [IBC] Compliance

ASTM Test Results

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

NevilStone is tested in accordance with the following standards and codes.

Applicable Standards
American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) Standards
ASTM C 567, ASTM C 192, ASTM C 39, ASTM C 190, ASTM C 348, ASTM C 482, ASTM C 67
All testing done in accordance with ICBO ASCI:
“Acceptance Criteria for Precast Stone Veneer”

• Density: ASTM C 567
• Compressive Strength: ASTM C 192
• Compressive Strength: ASTM C 39
• Tensile Strength: ASTM C 190
• Flexural Strength: ASTM C 348
• Bond Strength: ASTM C 482
• Freeze/Thaw: ASTM C 67
• MOR (Flex): ASTM C 67
• Compression: ASTM C 67
• Absorption: ASTM C 67