Materials/Tools Needed

Surface Preparation

Applying NevilStone

Cutting & Trimming

Grouting & Finishing Joints

Important Considerations

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• Mortar Components. Mix 1 part masonry cement with 2 1/4 to 3 parts of masonry sand.
• Weather Resistant Barrier. Barrier should be equal to U.B.C. Standard No. 32-1 for asphalt saturated rag or U.B.C. Standard No. 17-1 for Kraft waterproof building paper
• Metal Lath. Use a minimum 2.5 pound galvanized metal lath. Check your local building codes for other accepted lath or mesh.
• Fasteners. Use galvanized nails, staples, concrete nails or 1/4” type S-12 flat head screws.
• Masonry Sealer. Use a breather type, non-film forming sealer. Mortarless joint applications must be sealed.

1. Hammer: Used for applying felt paper and metal lath.
2. Wheel Barrow, Hoe, Bucket & Drill Paddle, or Mixer: Used for mixing mortar mix
3. Notched Float or Float & Rake: Used for applying scratch coat to lath and raking mortar.
4. Saw with Masonry Blade: Used for cutting stone.
5. Trowel: Used for applying mortar to NevilStone
6. Grout Bag: For grouting joints.
7. Jointing Tool: Used to strike and rake mortar joints.
8.Whisk Broom: Used to clean joints